Jste Tady

Jste Tady (yes-tay tah-de) is both the culmination and record of my experience in Prague, Czech Republic, over the course of 16 weeks in 2009. The phrase jste tady is Czech for “You are Here.” To illustrate the process of adapting to life in a new environment, I recorded my everyday movements and developing routine on a portable GPS device as a means to build my own personal data set which I owned and could do with as I please.


Notes to help understand data

This project was carried out not only as a way to chronicle my experiences from the strict perspective of movement it was also an investigation into defining the boundaries of when possessing massive data sets may cease to be useful to an individual. As the amount of data increased overtime it not only painted a very personal picture of myself but also accentuated the infrastructure of the city and how it made an impression on my actions.

I became more invested in the data as it accumulated and watched as it went back and forth from being an overwhelming mess of information to clearly illustrating and legitimizing certain decisions I made. As one becomes not only conscience but invested in the data collection process it begins to affect their life through the considerable task of recording the statistics and subconsciously influences decision making. Since Jste Tady is a malleable data set it has existed in several forms ranging from photographs, renderings, writings and a book.


Tram and walking paths ending at home

Digital version of Jste Tady book published 2009. Best if viewed fullscreen.

Exhibited at:
Ferencvarosi Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Desotorow Gallery, Savannah, GA
IMADENEW 2010, Purchase, NY

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Visual Simplexity by Markus Nix 2013