High-Speed Horizons

High-Speed Horizons is a design-driven critical exploration into technology, innovation, big thinking, and our constantly changing attitudes towards the three told through visions of flight and alternative energies. Sonic booms and nuclear power are explored as replacements to petroleum offering up new dreams of energy efficiency and innovation through technology. For full project website visit highspeedhorizons.org

Humane Caviar Extraction Super Yacht

The beluga sturgeon is being hunted to extinction for its roe which is used to create the world’s finest and most expensive caviar. With the population declining due to overfishing and pollution from oil drilling and other human impacts, fishermen are increasingly catching the sturgeon illegally in order to take advantage of the £6,000 per •Read more•

Illegal Rhino Horn Growing Apparatus

The African black rhino is being hunted to extinction for its horn which is said to possess special remedies in traditional eastern medicine. While these claims have no scientific backing the demand for the horn continues to rise as it becomes incorporated into new asian markets and products. In an attempt to save the species, •Read more•

Atlas of the Habitual

Atlas of the Habitual is about hyper-digitizing an individual’s life to question what if any value can be attributed to the generation of personal data. Through the production of categorized maps ranging from the mundane to the momentous, the atlas depicts a complex self portrait that spans an excess of 2,000 miles in one single •Read more•

Playground Politics

How far will political parties go to secure future voters? Politics inevitably become integrated into everything that gets materialized whether it seems apparent or not. From government funding to private initiates, political views and ideals influence how, where, and why things get made. The United States’ “I’m right you’re wrong” mentality of bipartisan politics provides a •Read more•


QR codes have introduced an auxiliary interface for our interaction with our environment. They demand a level of requirements and literacy granting only a select group of people access to their concealed messages. Their stark appearance stands out from the aesthetics of what they accompany whether it be an advertisement or other notice. It is •Read more•